Why Unlimited Charging Potential Makes AirLoops The Best Choice For Wireless Earphones?

Why Unlimited Charging Potential Makes AirLoops The Best Choice For Wireless Earphones?

Wireless earphones have received a mixed response from the market. Many didn’t like that Apple brought this trend by eliminating the wire. At the same time, others ended up losing their earphones in freak accidents. But millions of others embraced the lightweight design and loved being free from the fuss of wired loops when Apple released it.

Only one problem remained. The battery life of the earphones was limited. But what if we tell you about Airloops, which gives you 3 additional ways to add battery life to the earphones without skipping a beat. This is the balanced solution that gives you the convenience of wired and the weightlessness of AirPods.

Let’s see the fantastic features of this uniquely designed earphones.

  • Unlimited charging

Are you going out for a walk? Having 10 hours of battery life will ensure you have your tunes on as long as you want. On the move and forgot to charge your earphones, or already finished 10 hours of charge? The charging case gives you an additional 80 hours of listening time.

Are you going out for a run? Slip-on the sportband. Don’t feel comfortable going wireless? Slip-on the neckband and get 12 hours of extra charging. With AirLoops, you are never out of charge and never have to stop listening to your favorite tunes.

  • Power saving features

The logo button will let you instantly switch to power saving mode when you need to take a break.

  • 3 in 1 design for all activities

Let’s face it; going to the gym is not the same as when you are using earphones at home. We want you to fully enjoy a hardcore workout without worrying about losing the earphones. AirLoop’s 3 in 1 technology will give you the chance to transition from one activity to the other smoothly. Customize the device to use it to the full potential.

  • Water and sweat proof

AirLoops are for all lifestyles, including those who need to use them every day for running, jogging, exercising, walking to the office in rainy water. These earphones have been built to last your worst, wet workouts. They are rated IPX7 for water and sweat proofing, which means we implore you to take the biggest jumps and live life like there is no tomorrow.

  • Unbreakable Bluetooth connection

Don’t you just hate it when you are moving around the house, and your favorite series stops playing because you have moved a little far or went in the other room? What is the point of wearing a wireless earphone if you don’t get the flexibility of movement?

Well, with AirLoop’s 5.0 unbreakable connection, you can go up to 33 feet, behind walls, in other rooms, and you will enjoy uninterrupted service.

  • Auto in-ear detection and noise cancellation

CVC noise cancellation provides you ** . . Enjoy your talk without background disturbance and interruption.

Besides, the in-ear detection automatically pauses the music if you need to take a break and remove the earphones for a while.

Leave behind the allure of earphones and move into the bold design of unlimited charging power and bold features that will truly customize your listening experience.