Why do you need a charging box for true wireless headphones?

Things that are taken for granted may not be correct.
From EarPods to Airpods, the wire is cut off for True Wireless. Why is there an extra charging box?
Apple has led the way, but few people go back to the source and think about this issue.
What if there is no charging case for true wireless headphones?

Easy to lose, unable to shut down, short battery life...
But maybe this problem can be solved.
The original Sportband loop design allows the headset to be easily hung around the neck. Never worry about losing your headphones again.
The long battery life of 10 hours once, and one day of commuting is enough.

Many Apple users complain that Airpods cannot adjust the volume.
For Airloop, it is not a problem at all. The two-button setting allows you to easily adjust the volume and switch the machine.
Wonderful music experience, everything is under control.